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Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
Any Updates here? Is it possible to edit blank days in the past and add working time there manually?
updates available but nothing happes, in Bitrix Admin Sysupdate, new updates will be shown, but no updates will be installed
Are there any updates or solutions regarding that issue? We do have the same problem but the support couldn't help us with our SelfHosted BizPace Enterprise Edition.
Restrict access to "Announcements" in the Activity Stream
Hi there,

We want to restrict access to the announcement-posts in the activity stream. Only a few people should be allowed to set up an new announcement. Where can we change those settings?

Thx for any help!
Exchange 2013 supported by Bitrix?
Is there any support for MS Exchange 2013?
I can only find informations about 2007/2010 versions of MS Exchange.
Edited: Joe - 03/31/2015 17:11:54
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
Hi Yana,

isn't there any other possibility? I need to change this link for over 200 users... so it can't be the solution to login 200 times. It must be defined inside a template file or something. We're using the BizPace Enterprise Edition (currently on trial).

Edited: Joe - 08/20/2014 16:50:11
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
I want to delete the "mail"-Link for ALL users inside the "My Workplace"-Menu. How can I do that?

Blackberry Mobile App, Using CRM on Blackberry mobile phone
Are there any news according a blackberry app?
"My Workspace" dissapears, "My Workspace" dissapears, when applying another theme the "my workspace" section in the left menu dissapears
While configuring our test-drive of the BizPace-Enterprise-Edition I made a copy of the Bitrix24 Social Intranet theme for changing the layout to our company brand. Without every changes to the template itself I applied the new theme-copy to the Intranet site. After a reload the "My Workspace" Section in the left menu was gone.

When I switch the theme back to the original the menu section is back on top. Any ideas why this is happening? I don't want to loose the "my workspace"-section in the left menu.

Thanks for any hints!
Substituting name (top left corner) with logo or picture
Were can I find the client logo upload in the self hosted version of Bitrix24?

Self-Hosted Version BizPace ENterprise
Wiki -> PDF, Wiki-Export to PDF possible?
Hey there,

is there any possibility exporting the content of an wiki to pdf? E.g. the wiki of an project group.
Is there any wiki export functionality? This would be really awesome as we want to provide some wiki contents offline as well.

Best regards,
Self-Hosted Version BizPace ENterprise
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