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Connect email service via Exchange Activesync.
Hi Yana,

I want to know if there is a near future plan to fix this issue?
Edited: Yassin Souabni - 05/17/2017 18:39:20
Missing voice/video call function in web and desktop app
[SIZE=12pt]I have an issue in my self hosted Bitrix. I cannot see voice and video call buttons in both web and desktop app:

[SIZE=12pt]But in the screenshots presented in the website I can see it:

[SIZE=12pt]I tried video calls between mobile devices and it's working so the problem exists only on web and desktop app on windows.
[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]How can I fix this issue ?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Thanks :)[/SIZE]
Configure Menus for All Users

Is it possible to save own menu preferences & order for all users on Self Hosted version and how?
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