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business process templates
it would be wonderful if there was a library of predone business process templates.  i think that is what makes this system so cool, a real game changer.  yet the average small business guy isn't exactly sure what is even possible.  if there were some examples to choose from that might wet our appetite to either edit the ones provided or get one of the proffesionals to help.  maybe some videos showing off what is possible.
Feature request: email templates
It would be very nice if I could both define rich text/ html email templates or at the very least include a signature of some type when sending a message.  right now the message feature is exceedingly basic.  still i would like to see specific responses defined. i suppose that some of these could be better specified via business process templates.
feature request key board short cuts
i absolutely love keyboard shortcuts. gmail is so efficient because of this. the ability to focus on the search with a key press or quckly create a new contact. or do a variety of things is very nice.
Managing email notifications
it would be also nice to be able to choose for certain things to get only a a daily summary for all items and other things to get immediate alerts.
Bitrix API, Documentation
Ann, I like more information and documentation on the complete API.  Is there a way to do things other than post data. Can I also pull data out using the API?  Can you point to a page with that documentation.
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