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MS Exchange Connector, Integration with MS Exchange Server (on-premise)
Does the Bitrix24 integration with the MS Outlook client help resolve this compatibility problem with Exchange 2013? I assume Bitrix24 does / can integrate with the local Outlook client on the PC to sync email, contacts, and tasks.

Am I correct here? If this is possible, can you point me to a support link or documentation on how this would work?

MS Exchange Connector, Integration with MS Exchange Server (on-premise)
I have reviewed your current on-premise version of Bitrix24 and love the functionality it provides. However, I am struggling to determine the functionality the MS Exchange Connector would give us. We currently use MS Exchange Server 2013 on-premise and want to syncronize all of our contacts, tasks, email, and calendars with Bitrix24 on-premise. What is possible today and what is not?

Calendars - Two Way Sync
Contacts - Two Way Sync
Email - One Way Sync (Bitrix24 to MS Exchange)
Tasks - One Way Sync (Bitrix24 to MS Exchange)

Unfortunately, if the integration with MS Exchange does not exist we will have to pass on purchasing Bitrix24 as the syncing is considered mandatory functionality.

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