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Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
wow. what a quick and nice response :-) highly appreciated. thanks.
Wiki exists only in activity stream
Hi Yana,

understood. But once done. The created wiki for the workgroup should accessible via the wiki-link in the workgroup navigation, right?

To clarify the case:
I created one wiki for one workgroup. I clicked "publish"
Done so, the created wiki appeared if clicked on "wiki" in the workgroup  navigation.
Then I created articles in my wiki. These also appear in my activity feed. If I click on the the articles in the activity feed I'll be redirected to my workgroup wiki where I can see the whole article.
But now the issue: If I click on the "wiki" navigation in the workgroup menu the bitrix tells me that I have to create a wiki, because I don't have one.
If  I return to my activity feed again I can see my created wiki articles... that is the issue. Normally if I click on "wiki" I should see an overview of my wiki articles and not the request to create a wiki!

Wiki exists only in activity stream

I created a wiki, which can be seen and clicked in the activity stream. But if I click the wiki-category link of the work group then bitrix tells me, I don't have a wiki and need to create one....
Cannot add members to workgroup, No option exists to add a member to an existing workgroup
Yes. Same problem with my account :-( Solution?
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?

when does this spring update will come up? I am waiting for this "[B]drag'n'drop rearrange tasks[/B]"-feature!

Next proposals for a useful features:
1. [B]batch processing of tasks [/B]-> supposed I want to change the responsible person of 200 tasks. I really don't want to edit 200 tasks. But I'd like to select them and change the responsible one time :-)
2. [B]Gantt Chart - dynamic timelines of parent tasks[/B] -> If I have a parent tasks with two sub-tasks. Sub-task one starts on May 1st and ends on May 20th. Subtask two starts on 10th of May and ends on 5th of June. Then the timeline of the parent task should automatically start on May 1st and end on 5th of June.

3. [B]Export of Gantt-Chart as Excel-file [/B]
Or does these features already exist? I didn't find them.

Thanks and have nice day
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