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Files / Folders not synchronizing correctly
Bitrix24's Folder sync is a complete mess and not anywhere close to services like Dropbox or Google Drive. My BitrixDesktop for Win10 isn't syncing at all anymore and even if it did in the past, it often created a huge mess.

We got severel divisions in the Company working with Bitrix. How is it possible that my colleagues in the Finance Division delete some of their folders and it then affects all of us? Files and folders suddenly disappear into local trash bins. I created a certain folder structure within the Marketing Division and it says my colleague created these.

The sync seized to work at all now. 47 files left ... but no progress at all. I tried deinstalling/reinstalling the Desktop-App but nothing has changed. I am afraid we are getting to the point now, where we won't use Bitrix any more.

Edited: Kevin Klockzin - 08/01/2017 10:29:16
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