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Zapier Integration, Integrate with Zapier for connection with other tools
Hello. I have already installed the Zapier app in B24 and connected my Zapier account and I can create zaps that take leads/contacts FROM B24, but I can't send any leads/contacts TO B24 because B24 does not appear as an app choice for the "action" part of the zap.

There are several sources of leads and contacts that we already have connected to Zapier and we need to push them into B24. For example, whenever a new lead/contact row is added to a Google Spreadsheet, we would like to push that row into B24 via Zapier. It's easy to create this with other apps, but since B24 does not appear as a choice for the action part of the zap, I can't push the Google Spreadsheet row into B24.

Another example: We have an app that uses Webhooks to push data through Zapier to several other apps and we would like to also use the Zapier Webhook to push leads/contacts into B24. However, B24 does not appear as a choice for the Webhook integration in Zapier.

Based on the comments that I've read in this forum, it seemed like B24 should be able to easily receive contacts/leads from any service that can connect with Zapier, but so far, it seems impossible to actually achieve this functionality. Maybe I'm missing an important step; so please help. Thank you.
Live Chat Greeting Customization
[SIZE=16pt]Hello. Where do we change the initial chat greeting screen text? I don't see any place in the Live Chat configuration options to change the text. The specific text I'm talking about currently says: [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]"Our team of skilled professionals is here to help!" and "Drop us a note and we'll reply as soon as we can." We need to change those to our own greetings because the language and stylistic tone are not appropriate for our audience.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16pt]We are on the Standard ($99/month) version. Can we remove the "Powered by Bitrix24" at the bottom of the chat screen?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16pt]Is there a way to prompt the Web visitors to enter their names before they start the chat? It's always better to be able to greet them by name.[/SIZE]
Email sending from Bitrix24, The email window
[SIZE=14pt]We have seen our Bitrix emails silently rejected by one of the largest universities in the world. These Bitrix email problems seem to be a significant issue for many companies, including mine. This is why all major cloud CRM providers enable their users to use their own SMTP servers. Without being able to use our own SMTP servers, the email system within Bitrix is totally useless. And since the fundamental essence of every CRM system is customer communications, if the email system is useless, then the entire CRM system is reduced to a glorified contact and lead collecting tool.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]In summary, these problems currently make Bitrix's email system totally useless:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1. We have no way to detect bounced emails, which creates many problems.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]2. We are vulnerable to all your other customers who could cause your email servers to be blacklisted, which would cause all our emails to be silently rejected and we would never know it was happening.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]3. Without proper DKIM/SPF records, every email we send to our customers through Bitrix includes the "via" label, which looks unprofessional and is embarrassing for any substantial company.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Allow us to configure any SMTP server we want. Amazon SES is the best (in my opinion) because it provides the most reliable transactional emailing AND bulk emailing at a lower cost than all other providers. And it has a powerful API for more advanced features. After seeing many complaints about Bitrix's emailing functionality, it's clear that simply integrating Amazon SES with Bitrix would dramatically improve the entire emailing experience for all your customers. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Until then, we are embarrassed to use Bitrix and we can't recommend it to anybody. We want to love Bitrix, but we can only use it for very basic contact and lead management, which means we will be continuously researching other CRM vendors that provide a similar feature set with full SMTP flexibility. Every day that passes while this issue is not resolved means you are losing customers. So I really hope you move this issue up to the top of your list of priorities and communicate your progress more frequently; otherwise, you're going to continue losing customers to other vendors.[/SIZE]
Removing an Employee
In fact, here is the simplest solution:

Simply remove the "Inactive" users button from the non-Admin user interface so that only the Admin can see the Inactive users table. Why on earth do non-Admin users need to even see the entire "Inactive" users list? It's OK if other users occasionally see the inactive user names in their proper context (i.e., attached to their data objects, posts, messages, leads, etc.) because all those data objects can be re-assigned or deleted by the users as necessary. But displaying an entire long list of "Inactive" users to every single employee throughout an organization is not necessary, it looks unprofessional, and can be extremely embarrassing from an organizational management perspective, especially if an employee was dismissed in controversial or stressful circumstances.

Why is it embarrassing? Because the Inactive users become a constant reminder to EVERYBODY in the company about all the negative circumstances, negative energy, and painful experiences associated to the termination of those past employees. This dynamic makes senior executives not want to use Bitrix at all for many strategic, HR, and corporate morale reasons.
Removing an Employee
Yes, we absolutely need to be able to delete users from the user interface for many important reasons. From a database engineering perspective, there's no technical difficulty in providing this functionality; so I'm not sure why Bitrix is so resistant to this feature request. (It seems like Bitrix wants to make it as difficult as possible to remove users from their system for strategic reasons, not for technical reasons.)

Regarding the "data integrity" excuse: Preserving the integrity of a deleted user's posts and records is very easy. The data doesn't need to be deleted at all. To preserve data integrity, after a user is deleted, the underlying data objects that were associated to that user should be automatically assigned to a generic "System User" so that they retain their positions in all the various activity streams, etc. Then at the Admin's discretion, the Admin can use all the existing tools to assign that System User's records to any other real user at any time. If you want to preserve some kind of audit functionality and associate old records with their original user names, then a simple user <-> data object mapping table can be created, but that auditing data should be restricted to the Admin interface only.

Respectfully, please allow us to delete users. There is no rational or technical reason to force us to display all these ugly "Inactive" users to everybody in our organization. That's ridiculous. Please fix this as soon as possible.
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