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Dupe Companies everywhere. Did I miss something?, Dupe Companies everywhere. Did I miss something?
Hi there,
Just started trying out Bitrix and had high expectations after watching the starter videos... but it seems to be worse than using pen and paper.

I set up two users, and to both I gave the same 2 company leads and contact.

User1:  Put lead, contact into system.
User2:  Searched for contact and lead and system showed NOTHING.
User2:  Re-Entered the same lead and contact.

So now I have a dupe lead, dupe company and dupe contact.

Now, I would have though if User1 had saved a lead, that User2 would be notified (or at least be shown by searching) that User1 had already created this... but it seams that the search only shows Users their OWN leads, companies, and contacts... not the database.

Now, I entered with my Admin account, and of course I can see both leads, companies, and contacts for the two users.

Is this right?  I would have thought the idea would be to CUT DOWN on dupes.  How can I correct this?

But lovely UI, and once I can understand this, we are going to be pushing out Bitrix company wide to over 45 users in 17 countries...

: )
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