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SIP module + Self Hosted Enterprise
Lucio Groch, if your BPX is using Asterisk, you could buy SIP Connector from us. The sip connector will be installed on your Bitrix24 server. We could support you to set up menu, in-line waiting mp3, attendant priority .....
language selection in footer-side
riccardo panina, You should go through the setup guideline of Bitrix24, insert a simple code to your footer. Make sure you have 2 language at least in your Bitrix24
IP Restricted Users
We have the module to restrict it and more advanced feature. Contact us at [URL=][/URL]
increase 504 gateway timeout
Tossapong Nuntanart,normally the httpd or nginx services have problem. You need to restart these services and everything will go well.
Missing voice/video call function in web and desktop app
Yassin Souabni, there's a missing in server configuration. Contact Bitrix24 Helpdesk to get fix or contact us ([URL=][/URL]) to get support on this.
Demo Data - can't delete
[QUOTE]Matthew Rizzo wrote:
Any suggestions? Still early stages so I can reinstall, but rather not.[/QUOTE]
You should run again, I believe the demo data will be gone.
Recruitment and Resume Management
All, YouNetSI ([URL=][/URL]) will release the HR Modules for Advanced Profile, 360 degree Review and Recruitment Module very soon next month. Will keep update at our blog.
Full version free trial
Paul Leung wrote:
Hi, we are evaluating Bitrix24 as a task management system for our company. Is there any way to have a trial on the non-free functions? For example, custom field and workflow automation? Thanks.
You could try the self-hosted version in 30 days with full features of Bitrix24  
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