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Self hosting bitrix24 integration with Mailchimp
[QUOTE]Tim Johnston wrote:
Hi Yuliya, whats happening at the end of the year? Are you implying the plugins are going away? Going to be charged for? Please clarify...

[QUOTE]Raymond Lim wrote:

Is there a marketplace for Self host Bitrix24 with Mailchimp.

Thank you[/QUOTE]
Raymond Lim,Tim Johnston, hi

Our [URL=]integration[/URL] with UniSender (competitor MailChimp) works in the [URL=]Bitrix 24 server license.[/URL]

Considering that we implemented the support of the block visual editor directly in Bitrix24 with the ability to distribute through the statuses of the business process, our integration is a very good competitor, I will be glad to hear your opinion.
Mailchimp and Bitrix24 concurrent update
[QUOTE]wei teng yeo wrote:
I would like to ask will mailchimp automatically update the contacts whenever I submit a new contact in Bitrix24.
Will the new contact be added into the mailchimp Emailer list ? or do I have to manually go and reupdate Mailchimp with the new contact information i entered in Bitrix24 . Please advise! Thanks![/QUOTE]
wei teng yeo, hi

We have rethought this approach to mailings and now mailings are made [URL=]directly from Bitrix24[/URL] (in manual mode) and as for automatic mailing, it is directly from Bitrix24 that you can automatically send by the [URL=]UniSender templates[/URL]
MailChimp intgration, Seems very basic. Am I missing something?
[QUOTE]Mick McGuinness wrote:
As a minimum what I was hoping for was the option to create a Contact list in Bitrix24 CRM and then save as a list to MailChimp. We would need multiple (maybe 10 or more) contact lists in Bitrix24 CRM that we would want to mass mail to.
Mick McGuinness, hi

We support this idea and at the same time we have templates automatically downloaded to Bitrix24 from the personal cabinet of the UniSender mailing service.

In our competitive [URL=]application[/URL], you can make automatic statements on the status of business processes. And the [URL=]statistics[/URL] in a live tape-you will be shocked, you can see how a particular contact reacted to the newsletter. For Lids, who fall from the site, it works very cool.
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