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Self hosting bitrix24 integration with Mailchimp
Hi Yuliya, whats happening at the end of the year? Are you implying the plugins are going away? Going to be charged for? Please clarify...

Automatically track accrual of vacation days etc.?
We're in the US and each employee earns vacation time through out the year (i.e. every month a certain employee "earns" another 1.5 vacation days), I don't believe Bitrix has the functionality (maybe I'm missing something) to track and accrue these, but is there a way of tracking how many vacation/sick days etc. someone has remaining (and when the were used) and also have some automatic accrual of vacation days?

It would be nice if an employee can log into the portal and see at a glance how many vacation days they have available to them... Without this (and a basic file/folder associated for each employee so you can upload employee reviews/warnings etc.), the HR functionality sorely lacking...

What are the chances you could add these features? If you can, then I'll buy the product..

Thanks, TJ
How to disable Bitrix Network and 'Create' option
I'm watching this thread intently as I'm considering buying the self hosted version for over 250 people - but I have no intention to buy this unless there is an option to disable that tab...

There is no reason why the option to enable/disable this via the user permissions isn't already there or being developed... It's a shame if Bitrix decide against developing this as overall I like what I've seen...

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