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Business Process - Email, BP in Deal require to send auto mail to Contact attached to Deal
Please help!  I would like to set a BP that once a "Deal" (that have a required contact selected i.e "Contacts = Peter Pan") is loaded it send a thank you mail to the "Contacts" email address associated with work in the Contacts Module .  I have had a look and have tried several options but its just not sending the mail.  Can this be done.

Many Thanks
Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
Hi Bitrix

This is a very important feature I believe for most users.  Why ? The power of search (filter) is directly related to productivity, seeing only required per-defined information set by administrator this especially required when more then 10 additional fields was added in custom view = Contacts.  Example: In "Contacts Module" I would like a set view 1 for Contacts - Personal information  View 2 Business information re my Contacts.  Note: Currently I have to rest the Contacts View either manual or by the edit side window, this wast lots of time for the user.  In summery we require in a single Module " Contacts" the have multiple different set predefined Views. Please advice if you understand my problem.

Kind Regards
Filter views fixed in Contacts, Fix (Set) Difrent filter in "Contacts" With diffrent views, without manualy seting view via side edit
I want in "Contacts" to set different filters with there own unique view.  This when I open different filters in Contacts it all have its own unique view.  I know where to set up different views, but its a very manual process.  Can its be done?  
File Upload - Contacts, Cant read file
Many thanks yes that does work, but this process will take to long as we upload more then one file per record (Contact)
File Upload - Contacts, Cant read file
We use the free version of Bitrix24-cloud version.  We added file upload under contacts in “add field” to upload documents that’s either in PDF. Doc or Docx.  We upload these documents directly from mail attachments. When viewing contact and we try to read the attached documentation(file upload) directly with Firefox after installing the Bitrix Plugin its all unreadable i.e. scrambled.  Note: In Bitrix Contact view we would like to read that file by bubble clicking on it and open it with the WEB browser Firefox, so that we don't have to download it back to our local PC or Mac.  Is this possible with Bitrix24 in the cloud and Firefox 29.0.1.  Please help
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