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Second pipeline not visible for users, How to grand access for all users?
I added a second pipeline to the CRM but is only visible for me as admin. I've searched under CRM > Settings > Permissions but can't find the solution. How to grand access to all funnels for all users?
Customize Company blue header summary, How to customize the fields in the blue header summary of Companies?
It's great to be able to customize all the fields under a Company.
But how to customize the fields within the blue header summary of a Company?
Configure Menus for All Users
The workspace should definitively be adjustable for administrators. At least in terms of disabling / enabling tools.

Am I right that even 'Applications' cannot fully be disabled for users / user groups? So basically anyone within the organization can install apps?

Please add to the feature request:

1. setup global workspace optionally
2. enabling / disabling tools per user / user group
2. set permissions per tool

And please add my vote +1
User access permissions / roles for CRM Products, Request for user access permissions /roles settings for CRM Products
Our business works with multiple sales departments. The access permissions / roles within the CRM are working great for most functionality. Not so for Products. When will this functionality be available for Products, without providing permission to edit settings within roles? Now all our sales departments have full access to all products.
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