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Search gives no results. Indexation problems?
I'm used to look for documents stored in MyDrive folders by means of SEARCH command on top of screen (I assume that words within documents are indexed during upload). Now I realized that documents uploaded today cannot be retrieved (while former ones do); anything wrong with indexing? I tried to upload a simple .doc file containing one word only; then I searched for that word but result process was [COLOR=#008000]FOUND 0 - Unfortunately, your search did not match any documents.[/COLOR]
Edited: andrea vincenzoni - 04/15/2015 20:14:32
All files download failed
I use to work with Bitrix24 APP on Android. Today I realized that all attempts to open any MyDrive file fails. This has not occurred last week or before. Has such problem any connection with MyDrive new layout?
New icons layout: where are document properties? and tags?
The Hyperlink in your post is wrong. Could you please correct?
New icons layout: where are document properties? and tags?
Today MyDrive icons of folders and documents have suddenly changed. The only columns which appear in document list are names, date and size while my personal setting (which included tags and description) is no longer visible. Moreover at document upload no properties can be inputted. What happened?
Italian language, Is possible used a italian language for bitrix24?
+1 for italian nlanguage
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