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Duplicate Names in CRM
We have names/emails that appear in both our contacts and leads. How do we avoid sending duplicate emails to these people? Does Bitrix offer a way to find the duplicates and delete them?
Duplicate Name in Contacts, Leads and Deals, How do you delete duplicates and execute conversion?
Hey Yana,

Okay, I understand that, but I guess my problem then becomes let's say I have a contact that I have to turn into a then I have to set it up again as a lead. Now I have that contact in two places: in contacts and leads.

Then I want to send out a promotional email to our entire CRM, including deals, contacts, and leads BUT I don't want anyone to receive duplicates, how do I accomplish that?
Duplicate Name in Contacts, Leads and Deals, How do you delete duplicates and execute conversion?
I know you can convert dead leads to contacts, but can you convert contacts to leads or deals?

And how do you delete duplications. For instance, somehow we have John Doe in contacts and John Doe in leads, but when we send emails out to our leads and contacts list, I don't want John Doe to be emailed twice.
MailChimp intgration, Seems very basic. Am I missing something?
On the Mailchimp integration plug in, I see an option to create a new mailing list, which is what I want to do.

However, I am unable to filter through ALL of my contacts in any way. When I click on filter, there's a loading box and then I'm just given an option of all 400+ contacts to MANUALLY go through and select.

Is there a way to filter the contacts by person responsible or contact type? Anything?

Sales Team Unable to View CRM, The CRM menu disappears from the left for all members of my team
We have a very small company and I am trying to create access controls per user.

I need to be able to limit people to THEIR leads/contacts only.

What I'm curious about is the difference between personal, department and subdepartment tags and how those relate to each other and to the user in the CRM?

Also, if a user is labeled as an admin, I assume that overrides any user settings that I select?
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