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Feature Request - Carry over "Products" listing from CRM into new projects, Import/copy products, quantity, and pricing from CRM (Deals/Leads) into new projects
I would like to back this feature request too!  It would be really appreciated.

We offer energy solutions to architects and developers, and this feature would be amazingly useful. After a deal is approved you have to deliver the project, which consists in executing the items described as products during the deal stages. For a services firm winning a deal is just the beginning. I know there are other more complicated softares for this, but a simple solution such as the one proposed can help small fimrs keep a firm grip of the project and save hours of the team.

There are ohter CRMs that allow this (not as good as Bitrix), but I always thought it would be a great addition.
Missing CRM Functionality in Iphone and Android Apps
Please add this functionality. It is really important to add messages/comments to deals from the mobile app.
It is almost one of the most important  uses of a mobile CRM APP, in order to caputre the information away from the office.
CALDav Calendar from Bitrix not Syncing on MacoOS and Android
I can´t seem to make the CALDAV two way sync work on my Macbook or in my phone calendars.

In my android phone I tried several CALDAV implementations for andoird Calendar.

I have read all your blogs and followed every instruction but it still fails to connect correctly.

It only worked for a couple of hours and then it stopped syncing. After this I deleted the accounts in MacOS and in Android and reinstalled them using the exact same setup but it wouldn't work.

Please help!
Edited: Juan Ignacio Perez Dos Santos - 08/01/2014 00:53:50
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
Hi, I would like to request this feature too.

If you can't reorder tasks the project planning possibilities get strictly limited.

You can always need to insert a new subtask in the middle of a list of tasks already in place (because of a new process required or simply because you forgot something and need to add it) The visual order is vital to the order of excecution.

Look at any project management app. If task input and reordering are not easy and quick to do and correct, the module will fail to engage users.

If you add this, you will be surprised how much more will the task section grow, becuase it is vital for importan projects both with the CRM and with internal business objectives.

Best regards
Edited: Juan Ignacio Perez Dos Santos - 05/16/2014 19:18:53
Missing CRM Functionality in Iphone and Android Apps

First of all Congratulations to the dev team! bitrix24 is a great product!

There is a very important feature missing from the CRM, which is to send a message inside a particular Deal.
The current version only enables you to Selcet a Deal, and fhen add a Call, Email or Meeting to ti. You can't imput any other kind of information or activity (Task or Message) realted to the deal. It is really useful because on the roda you can add insights or assigh tasks directly to other staff members that are related to a deal or Lead.

One way to intuitively add messages to the deal would be to enable a field to select a particular deal, Lead or Company in the create message or task in the Activity Stream.

Best Regards
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