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Deal view problem and activities
I have exactly the same problem as Valdas.
I have several sales teams, and they have added deals to the system.
These deals are only visible to the Administrators, as Valdas says.
I have set the CRM role as per your instruction, so that Sales Coaches should be able to see "Deals=All open",
and I have checked that the deals really are open to all users.
The deals still are not visible to the Sales Coaches, either when I click on the "deals" tab or when I look att a report I've made for the Sales Coaches,
which is set to show all deals for the sales teams.
The Sales Coaches are Supervisors for the Sales Teams in the 'Company structure'
Please Advise,
P.S. Otherwise I am VERY happy with the Bitrix24 system :D D.S.
Cheers / Chris
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