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Drive renaming issue
Good day

I've converted the whole cloud service of our small company over to Britix24 as it seemed like a real good option.
I mean, how can you go wrong with a company with 1,000,000 customers!!???
We'll after almost a week and little sleep, I feel like I want to scream and kick at Brixit24!
What a disastrous Desktop app for sycning!
We are very Dependent on the functionality and reliability of the desktop app to do it job properly and effectively and so the whole of its cloud service.
We do not collaborate online!

The desktop app Crashes every so often on almost all of the pc's.
Files then don't  get synced or updated prompty and cuases conflicts to late to figure out!
Why is this app so finicky and crashable??!! Desktop user don't need to 'fix' and clear cashe just to get it to 'work' again!

How on earth can you still have issues like this Bitrix! With so called 1,000,000 customers!!!
And with previous problems the same as this since almost two years ago!

I have experience all of the issues as the clients above did to some extent!
Is there some problem that you are not able to fix the problems?
Should I rather look out for another service?
We were thinking of upgrading! BUT NOT with these issues we are encountering. It messes up so many things! I'm on constant support to try and fix and manage the mishaps Bitrix24 causes! OUr work needs to flow, I need to do OTHER real work!

We used Cubby before it closed down, almost never has it let us down like this in the 3 years we've been using it!

I really hope to hear back from you promptly and that you'll have a real solution that is stable and reliable.

Thanks! Jaco
Edited: Hoof Admin Cando - 11/23/2016 13:12:06 (grammar mistakes)
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are already using Bitrix24