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Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
I might have found a workaround to accomplish this. Can you assure me it's a safe way?

The only bulk change that's possible to do is for the statuses. Therefore:
- I create a custom field called "Status2", a text field, initially set to the value of the status for each lead.
- Create a new status, called "Change status"
- Create a BP, based on a upd ate on leads:
  --- if the status is "Change status" then:
     ----- Modify document to what you want, or send an email, or anything you want
     ----- then, if Status2 = "Unassigned", set Status to Unassigned. If Status2 = "On Hold", set Status to On Hold. Etc for each Status
  --- if not then:
     ----- Modify "Status2" to "Status (text)"
(so, if you change the status to stg else, the new field will update. If you change the status to "Change status", then the action will be done, and the status will be se t back to its original value). If you don't modify the status, nothing will happen.
- Select all the leads you want to modify, and "set status" to "Change status"

Don't forget to change the BP each time you want to modify a value.

I know it works (I tried it), but is it safe?

Thank you
Edited: Marco Ma - 01/11/2017 04:37:55
Block emails templates
Hi all,

is there an easy way to send automatic emails, constructed by concatenating emails following specific triggers?

my question is quite complex, so I'm going to use an example to explain it.

Let's say I have a CRM-form where I ask 2 Y/N questions :
1) Do you like shoes?
2) Do you like hats?

I have 3 template automatic emails : one ("A") for people interested in shoes, one ("B") for people interested in hats, one ("C") for people interested in nothing.

Can I create a easy workflow which would send :
If Shoes=Y and Hats=N : A
If Shoes=Y and Hats=Y : concatenation of A and B
If Shoes=N and Hats=Y : B
If Shoes=N and Hats=N : C

Here, I could do it manually (as there are only 2^2=4 possibilities), but my CRM form would consist of 8 triggers, which would make me create 2^8 = 256 different emails.

My goal would then be to write only 8 texts, which would be added to the "final" email if the answer is Y to the specific question.

How could I do this?

Thank you very much,
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