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Can't See Dependant or Subtasks
Thanks, I wasn't having problems creating subtasks, I didn't have the + sign next to teh parent task to enable me to expand teh tree.  I see that it's there now.  I think you guys just pushed out an update?
Menu on Left Changed?
Hi, I am new and have been using this software for a week or so.  Yesterday I opened it and the menu items on teh left ave been cut way down.  The main headings used to be on the left with subcategories under them (CRM, then under that, contacts, invoices, leads, etc.).  Now I don't have that.  There are about a dozen items and then a link to configure the menu, but I can't use that to get back what I had.  I even tried resetting the menu.  So now for example, to see my leads, I have to click on the button with the 3 lines at the top left which opens a page with all of those categories/subcategories, and then click on the Leads like under the CRM header.
Can't See Dependant or Subtasks
Hi, I'm evaluating this software and having a problem with subtasks or dependant tasks.  I understand that I'm supposed to see a + icon that I can click to expand teh parent task to see teh sub tasks?  I don't have that in list or gantt views.
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