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Changing Email Sender ID
Yana Prokopets wrote:

Do you invite extranet users or are you talking about emails sent from CRM? Thanks.



Yes I do Invite Extranet user (and intranet user as well), hence I wanted to change the email Sender, Sender name and sender email to Organization Own
Changing Email Sender ID
How do I Change email sender for email sent out. The default is "Bitrix24" <>. The Britsix24 doesn't present our Organization. In fact a member saw an invitation, did not read but deleted it instantly because he didn't know The Intranet Admin sent the mail

Do I have to setup custom SMTP in the CRM Settings > Email > Email Integration
Restricting Intranet User
How can I implement restriction for intranet user, Like removing the Left Menu Item.
Also I Wanted to removed some Items from the the Type of Post a user can create (such Item like Poll, Appreciation etc)

But Restricting intranet user is more important now
Cant Upload Files on Mobbile App
How can one upload other files on Mobile App, the available option is for taking photo or uploading from gallery. But we need upload other documents as well.
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are already using Bitrix24