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More than 2 decimal places ?, It is a huge problem !
We just sent a support request about this and were told it would be discussed with the B24 team. While we have otherwise really found B24 useful, not having the ability to go beyond two decimal places may be a deal breaker for us. As the original poster says, rounding to two places when you are dealing with tens of thousands of items is a HUGE difference in actual price for the total quote or invoice. As a result, we have to create such quotes and invoices outside of B24 now. This is enough of a problem that we are researching new software.
DocDesigner - most recent update contents?
I am getting a notification from DocDesigner in Bitrix that says a new version is available and prompts me to install. How can I see what's in the new version? I want to make sure the things I've already created won't be messed up. If there is a chance of that, I will wait to update until after I send out our current batch of invoices.
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
Okay - I have finally set up a subscription. Thanks for helping me through it. I received a confirmation email that told me my DocDesigner was being extended to cover the period of my subscription, but when I go into B24, DocDesigner still tells me my trial period has expired and does not allow me to use full features. How long does it take for me to actually have full access to DD, now that I've paid for it?
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
Alexey Andreev,

That worked, but I have a new problem. When I select the option I want to buy, I am required to register for an account. However, when I attempt to register, by attempt does not get processed. I get thrown back to the registration page, with no error message, and the form is blank again. What am I doing wrong?
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
I have the same problem with that link that I was having previously. I see that it's working for you, but it's not working for me. Could it be my physical location? I'm in Champaign, IL, USA. What are my options for subscribing if I am not able to access the website at all?
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
Alexey Andreev,

That link works, but it takes me to a learning page, not to a page that lets me subscribe. There is a subscription link on that page, but it only takes me to a page that tells me about describing and doesn't actually allow me to subscribe ([URL=][/URL]). That subscription page links me to a page where I am supposed to be able to see subscription plans --- but that link goes back to the "domain is parked" page I was getting before.

Do you have a link that goes directly to a page where I can actually purchase a subscription?
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
I am still waiting on an answer to my above question about subscribing to DocDesigner. We have great need to create better designs for our quotes and invoices. Will I get a response from you soon, Alexey?
Street Address Field Missing for Companies
Hi - after the update, we can no longer find the street address field for the companies in the company entries. When we try to "Show field", the Street Address is not a listed field. Has something about the interface changed that wasn't included in the update notification?
Quotes - no totals
Is it possible to create a quote that has no grand total? We do quotes like this:

Widget, 100 pieces, .95 per piece
Widget, 500 pieces, .90 per piece
Widget 2, 100 pieces, .50 per piece
Widget 2, 500 pieces, .27 each

While there are four line items, there are only two products. The price of the product changes with the bulk purchased. But a total of all those lines would be *wrong* on the quote. It makes it look like the total quote for the project is the total of all those lines. However, the total for the project will depend on what amount of each item they chose to buy.

I can't seem to figure out a way to turn off the grand total on quotes. Help?
Purchase Order, Create simple Purchase Order
We also need POs, desperately. Please, please, PLEASE add this feature.
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
I have attached a screen shot. When I click the subscribe link, I am taken to a russian website that says the domain is "parked" - is the link wrong, or is the DD website down?
Addresses not appearing on invoice
We have entered address information for our buyers and for our own company (as the seller), but the invoice isn't pulling in the address information for any company (ours or theirs). What do I need to do to make that information show up on the invoice?
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
We started using DocDesigner, but our trial period ran out. When we try to look at subscription options, we are taken to a web page that says the URL no longer exists. Is DocDesign still supported? We definitely need better invoice customization and are hoping it's still possible to use DocDesign.
Invoice Print Form - nothing in drop-down
I have discovered the answer to this post after much searching, trial, and error. The "Invoice Print Forms" are located in the CRM -> Settings -> Payment Options -> Payment Systems. When creating an "Invoice Print Form", you must select whether it is for a Contact or a Company. When you select a company on invoice creation, only Invoice Print Forms for companies show up. I only had invoice print forms for contacts, which is why they disappeared when I added a company. If I had only added a contact, the one form that existed would have remained in the drop down.

I fixed my problem by creating an Invoice Print Form and selecting "Company" as the invoice type during creation.
One Invoice Multiple Deadlines
We send invoices to clients that have 30% due on start of production and the remaining 70% due on completion of production. There is only one date field, which I assume will trigger a notification if an invoice is not paid on time. I would like a notification for both the first 30% due and the remaining 70% due. Is there a way to do this without generating multiple invoices?
Invoice Print Form - nothing in drop-down
When I first create an invoice, there is one item in the "Invoice Print Form" field. It says "Business Transfer: Contacts". However, after I select a company as the payer for the invoice, the "Invoice Print Form" drop-down is empty, and there is nothing to select. Because that is a required field but there is nothing to select, I can't create an invoice. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong here? I searched help and the forums, and I came up with nothing.
Workgroup Tags
Hi - I have an option to look at a list of workgroups by tags, but I can't figure out where I set the tags for a workgroup. I've tried help and searching the forums. Can anyone tell me where I find the setting to add tags to a workgroup?
Workgroup Template
I see this thread hasn't been updated since 2014. Has this feature been added? If not, it would EXTREMELY useful.
What is 1C Tracking?
Hi - My company is new to Bitrix, and we're looking at purchasing the "plus" option. We've been using the trial this past month, and now I'm trying to determine whether features we like would be missing from Plus. If so, we would need to consider standard. I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to: What is 1C tracking (included in Plus) and what is 1C integration (not included in Plus). My guess is that if we don't know what it is, we don't need it, but I want to be diligent in making our decision.
Associating a workgroup to a company?
I would like to add a vote for this feature - it would be HUGELY beneficial to us.
Notification if tagged in task comment?
I tagged a co-worker in a comment on a task, but he did not get an email or a notification that he had been tagged. The notification that "a comment" had been added to a task came up, but not that he specifically had been tagged (and therefore needed to go see it). Is it possible for people to be notified when they are tagged in a task comment? If so, where is that information found and how do we set up an email notification for it? I looked in the "configure notifications" on the profile, and even in advanced mode, I couldn't find a setting for turning on notifications for a task comment.
Configure Menus for All Users
So I cannot truly customize the menu with the exact same things hidden for all users, have all users see things in the same order - giving them all identical menus? I want every single employee's left menu to look like this:

Configure Menus for All Users
The newest feature information includes:

"Now Bitrix24 administrators can configure left-side menu for all account users – by choosing one of the 3 main scenarios for account (CRM, Tasks, Communication) and with the help of Favorite menu items saved for all users."

I can't figure out how to do this. Did I miss an instruction link somewhere? I looked.
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