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Free vs Plus: E-mail services and Send&Save Integration
Thanks Yana.

I have now integrated my own address with the first method (NEW: E-Mail integration for CRM) and I have deleted it from the Send&Save panel (second method).

Basically what I see is that:

a) If I receive an email from an address that is already inserted in contact, nothing it has happened in "Lead" and the email is reported under the history of my contact.
b) If I receive an email from an address that is not registered in my contact, thus I get a new "Lead"

Is this correct?

At this point, is there a way to automatically convert email from already existing contact in a new lead? Should I do it manually?

And the last question. At this point, if I answer the email of my lead from my outlook, will Bitrix advertising be presented in this message in Free Plan?
Free vs Plus: E-mail services and Send&Save Integration
Hi guys,
I am a new user of Bitrix. I would like to subscribe for Plus platform before tomorrow to get the 25% discount. However, I would like to understand more how CRM works.

In particular, which is the difference between "[B]Send&Save Integration[/B]" and integrating the CRM with "[B]E-mail service[/B]" ([I]Webmail > E-mail service) [/I]?

Basically, I would like to send emails from my client (outlook) and automatically keep track of emails between me and my contacts in order to understand how many days are passed from our last conversation and the status of the lead.

Is possible to do this automatically? If yes, how? If not, how can I do it manually?

Is there any difference between Free and Plus with regard to the point previously presented?
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Cant sync bitrix calendar in google agenda, cant sync my bitrix calendars on my google agenda or android agenda
Hi Yana,
how could I sync tasks in Bitrix on my Google Calendar? Is that possible?
Italian language, Is possible used a italian language for bitrix24?
+1 for Italian. Let's translate your amazing tool!
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