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Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24

I have my company account (mailbox) attached to the Bitrix - I have set the folders according to instructions and it works fine. However, I have found out that not all the emails (especially sent emails) are connected to particular (individual) deal.
I can't track the source of the problem as I usually reply directly on the email received (which can be found in Bitrix in activity folder under particular deal).

This is quite unpleasant as I miss the history of the deal progress.

As far as I know there is no way how can I get missing email "connected" to the deal to have full history of email conversation.

I would appreciate any help as this makes the whole system unreliable (can't get real overview about all the progress of individual deals - especially if deal is lost I'd like to check if there was everything done in order to get it won)

Edited: Ivan Bosnovic - 02/23/2017 17:57:00
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