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Any US based users here?
Just wondering if there are any US based users here that have mid-sized organizations (100-500 users) on a self hosted set up? I love the features available in Bitrix, but, not to be insensitive, I feel many of the available partners and other avenues of support are not US based, and I am concerned it may effect my overall end user experience. As someone who will be the main administrator of the instance for my entire company, I want to make sure I can find the answers I need if I were to make the jump from something more familiar, like Sugar CRM, even if I am more impressed with the features Bitrix has to offer.

Happy to hear from anyone from Bitrix with official numbers of US based users as well  :)  
Users not able to see contacts available to all users?
Nevermind, I didn't realize I needed to change the user permission level as well. Moving forward I will have to sign them up individually rather than send the link. People aren't going to want to wait once they create an account for me to set their permissions correctly.
Users not able to see contacts available to all users?
I am trying to do a mini demo for my company's users to decide if Bitrix is right for us. When creating some demo contacts, I was sure to check the box making them available to all users, however, other users are unable to see them in their contact list. Is there a step I am missing?
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