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CRM: adding custom fields

We are implementing Bitrix in our company, we purchase the self hosted version so our CRM could be connected with other systems.

We are asking our consultors that we can add products, leads, contacts, deals and quotes via other systems (with a rest api they are developing). But the solution they are proposing has a problem with custom fields.

Lets say I have custom field of type list in products named "family" and the master catalog is controlled in our ERP. Every time I add a new item in the master catalog I would have to add the same item in the bitrix custom field´s list.

The product catalog is also managed in the ERP, so when I add a new product it would be sent to bitrix via a web service - rest api or wathever, and the custom field id would be sent too.

So the question here is if there is an api for adding items to custom fields, so we dont have to manually synchronize all custom fields catalogs.

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