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Call Lists using Business Processes or other means, I need help creating automatic call lists
So, here's briefly how our days in sales go:

1) We search for BUSINESSES only via the yellow pages, internet, existing ads, etc.
2) We CALL these leads and it either leads to one of three things: call me later, an appointment, or don't ever call me again
3) The result is then tracked etc. (most calls receive a "call me later" deal
4) The process continues with appointments, daily calls, lots of callbacks, etc.

Our company has NO CRM software in place to track all of this activity.

So far, I've tried over 5 CRMs and "looked at" over 20 CRMs out there.

Bitrix24 seems promising. As an FYI, the company says that we are required to make at least 26 cold calls every single day. These leads come mostly from the yellow pages. So, let's just say, the night before I am inputting these "26" leads from the yellow pages into Bitrix, how can I use the "business processes" page to create a "CALL" activity automatically every time I add a new lead? Or, how can I add a "call this lead tomorrow" activity for a mass group of leads?

I need to quickly and efficiently enter 26 leads, and then set a "list" or "task list" or "call list" for those 26 new leads for the NEXT DAY.

How do I do this? If I can figure this out, my company will most likely buy.
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