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General quote editing questions, Questions regarding templates, formats, etc
Hi, I've been trying to develop quotes in bitrix to manage my clients and leeds, I have some questions:

1. Is there away to increase the number of custom fields that command the last rows of the quote template? (In the payment configurations for quote)
2. Is it possible to reduce the space between lines of the text format in the quote?, when I print the quote from CRM the lines look too separated.
3. When I am editing a quote, there is a content box in which I can write a text, at the editing view bitrix allows me to give basic formatting to the text like bolt and cursive form, why this format is missing when I print the quote? (and again the lines look too separated)
4. How can I include my client's company and also the contact name and position in the upper side of the quote (in company quote it only shows my client's company name and in contact quote it shows my contacts name, I want to show both things and also my contact's position at his company)

i'll be waiting for some comments, thanks.

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