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Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.

I too would like to see this feature implemented as soon as possible.  I spent a few hours last night customizing the view only to learn that my team couldn't see it and then searched the forum to find that the feature isn't available.

This is definitely a very important feature one that is offered by default on Zoho.  We switched from them hoping we could get the Intranet experience but keep the features we have come to depend on.

Please keep us all posted on when this will be available...hopefully soon!

Show Task Time in Worktime Report, Time added on tasks not showing up in worktime or work reports
Hi Yana,

I am trying to run a worktime report since we have our contractors looking towards that report to show that their time for tasks and any other calls, etc are being tracked and they can submit an easy report on all the time they have spent working on tasks and calls.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you,
Show Task Time in Worktime Report, Time added on tasks not showing up in worktime or work reports

I'm trying to see the time listed by each team member in the task they completed but it's not showing up on the worktime or work reports. See the settings we have - but as you'll see the report is not showing up the time in the reports.

The results from the worktime and work report sections.

How do I get the time reported on a task to report in the work reports?
Zoho Migration Tool, Error in Notes & Contacts Migration
Is this issues being looked at?  I am experiencing the same issues and have reached out to support and

Here are my issues:

[LIST=1][*]Contacts being imported show up as if they are all from one company (it's using the first company name in our database)[*]The owner of the record is showing up as only my account however I already created the same users in the bitrix account but they are not matching up with the proper account owner, only making me the owner of all records. This is happening with all of the imported information that requires a record owner such as Companies, Contacts, Leads, Potentials, etc. [LIST][*]See example at: [url][/url]
[/LIST][*]None of the associated activities are coming through with Leads, Contacts, Potentials. [LIST][*]Activity on Zoho: [url][/url] (Lead: Michael Ralston)[*]Record on Bitrix24: [url][/url]
[/LIST][*]When importing contacts, the progress of importing them is not shown. It looks like it's importing them but I don’t see the summary showing me what's been imported and it never finishes. I ended up using up all 2000 api calls being stuck on that one screen yesterday. Today I can't even get the zoho migration tool to work.
We want to move forward in using the system and getting our data moved over, please let me know when we can try the tool again for importing the data.
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