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Cannot exprort all contacts, I cannot export all contact records - are there any limitations for export

I found something else in this context.

If I convert a lead to contact and there won`t be any conflict (I won`t see the contact edit page) and the contact and company is created automatically, the default value for the newly created contact is "use in contacts export" = "no".

Is there a way to change this default-value?

Thanks in advance!
Disabling synchronization and uninstalling Desktop Client

I see strange behaviour here when using the Desktop Client for Windows.
If I activate the synchronization once and afterwards disable it the synchronization will stop just until the next star of the Desktop App.
So I have no possibility to permanently disable synchronization after I activated it.
Am I doing anything wrong?

Another problem is that I am not able to uninstall the Desktop App completely. If I uninstall it, the synchronized Folder (Drive) is still there in my Explorer tree. If I reinstall the Desktop App all Settings are still there (even my Login).

Is there a way to completely remove the Desktop App and all of ist components?

Best regards!

There is no status "not possible" for the ideas. Can we create a new status or must it be an update from bitrix?
Let users choose which wokgroups are displayed in the menu

many users asked us, whether there is a possibility to hide some Workgroups from the menu, they don`t need often. That would make the menu clearer and cleaner.
One possibility would be that the users can hide and unhide the groups.
Another prossibility would be that users are able to choose the Groups that should be shown in the menu.

It would be great if you could implement that in the self hosted Version.

Thanks in advance!
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are already using Bitrix24