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iPad not able to copy from Word app to Bitrix app (even though it looks like it should)
On my iPad Air 2 running iOS 10 I have the Word app and the Bitrix24 app. Wondering if I could send a Word doc to my Bitrix Drive, I went through the Word routine of sharing the doc by sending it to another app. The Bitrix24 app showed up in the list of apps I could send to. Hope flared for a moment. But, tapping on the Bitrix app icon, it winked and did nothing. No joy. If it helps Bitrix's iOS developer, I can probably locate the crash report on the iPad and send that to him or her. This behavior is fairly consistent for me.


Mac app: after file upload, shows wrong lock status

I was testing the lock function in in Drive for document management. After editing a file on the Mac, I exported it out to Word. I copied that into the Workgroup folder in Drive where it replaced the older version of itself. Immediately afterwards, the Finder window on the Mac showed the file as Unlocked and the context menu gave "Lock" as an option. This was incorrect. In the browser window, Drive still showed the file as locked with "Unlock" as the correct option.

And in the Mac app itself in the Drive window I had the file listed twice (once for the original and once for the revision I imagined). That was only a temporary effect. When I navigated away and came back to the Drive window it refreshed itself and figured it all out.

Anyway, temporary inaccuracy is possible in the Mac app. Is this a known issue?

Thanks for listening,


Bitrix for Mac: Version:
Mac OS Version 10.11.6 El Capitan
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