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Ability to mass download, and move files between workgroups!, More practical functions for file-sharing and organization.
Two very necessary functions would be useful:

1. The ability to download ALL of the files within a folder, or to download as many files as I select. Downloading files 1 by 1 is such a pain.

2. The ability to MOVE files between Workgroup drives.
Upload Files not working - expired or not-yet valid certificate, The java file uploader is blocked as the certificate has expired 19th April 2014
I am going nuts. I've updated Java like 17 times and have tried multiple browsers on multiple machines (Mac and PC) and I can not for the life of me get the Multiple document uploader to work. I keep getting errors and it keeps telling me to install Java WHICH I HAVE ALREADY DONE A HUNDRED TIMES. It is such a waste of time to upload things one by one. There has GOT to be a work around for this. PLEASE HELP.
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