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Email window needs to be fixed, The email window that pops up is too small and cannot expand, making it useless

I am trying to get all my staff to use the email functions in the CRM etc in Bitrix, but they refuse to use it. Why?

Because you cannot expand the window to see what you are working on.

Can I suggest before you add anymore funky features, which by the way are really cool, the email window MUST be fixed as a priority.  The same goes for creating templates.

Also, you need to be able to:

1. attach files to a template as well, ie when you have a new client and you want to send standard docs out.
2. Be able to easily add images to the email.

I can't stress how critical this is to using the functions of the CRM on a daily basis. This is probably the feature in bitrix that needs the most attention and we would have thought that it would have been fixed in the interface upgrade. The current interface and interaction is very tired.

Tasks: Support Agile, Kanban; improve ease of use i.e. Drag & Drop
Add another vote for Kanban for Tasks
Roadmap update, Will Bitrix be releasing an updated roadmap on new features?
Now that most of the features discussed earlier in the year have been included, will there be an updated roadmap released for the rest of the year.

Would really like to see more features added to the Extranet such as ability to have partners etc add deals, interact with CRM notes for their deals and clients as well as have invoices and quotes added to an extranet and the ability to have a HelpDesk system added for clients and partners


Display list for deals, Can only see 10 deals at a time, how do you increase the number displayed?
Ok, now I fee stupid!! The window come up, but you have to scroll down in the window. The wind SHOULD display the full extents of the option off the window.


Display list for deals, Can only see 10 deals at a time, how do you increase the number displayed?
Ok, No I know I am not insane!!!

This is what I get when trying to edit lists.
I do not get the option to change the list length. I am using Safari.
Display list for deals, Can only see 10 deals at a time, how do you increase the number displayed?
I may be completely mission something, but how do you increase the number of deals in the list beyond 10 per screen?
Open channel is great but......, Open Channels needs Linkedin, WhatsApp and Twitter to be useful
Just had a quick play with Open channel which is great.  Well done!

However, I think you have missed 2 critical things in your first release:


I know Facebook is huge for personal stuff, but I would say for business, Linkedin is much bigger and has more relevance.

WhatApp is also on the rise everywhere.

I think you need to give serious consideration to adding these standard tools ASAP.

Just my 20 cents worth.


Things I'd like to see added to Bitrix Cloud, Things that REALLY need to be added to Bitrix Cloud

I have been a Bitrix fan and user for a number years working both with the Cloud version and the self-hosted version for a client. There are a number of features in the self-hosted version that Bitrix MUST add in to continue to be competitive agains products like Zoho, and vTiger etc.

1. Help Desk system - currently there is no way of effectively working with clients for a services type company, although we have tried. This feature is in the Self-hosted version. Was we use now to post tech issues would be perfect!!!  ;)

2. Forum - This also needs to be added into the cloud version

3. Knowledge base ,learning system - these would also be nice.

4. CRM Document attachment - Ability to have the Document store added directly to CRM objects

5. Contact Sync - Better real-time synchronisation with [insert cloud service here] contacts

6. Delete users - ability to completely delete a user/employee and an extranet user

7. Partner external user CRM access - Like Sales force (yuk) have an external partner or client have external CRM access so they can update leads and deals as well as see invoices and quotes specific to them.

I know there is a push from Bitrix to go "self- hosted" for these added features, but everyone is moving away form self-hosted to the cloud. To support the self-hosted version you need to have a good It administrator to keep things running, and in the market Bitrix is mostly aimed at, that is simple not an option cost wise.

I would like to see these features added as modules or actually make the enterprise version a real differentiator (which it's not at the moment ) with these features added, particularly help desk and the knowledge / learning module.

It's great to see that Bitrix is proactive in adding new features, but wiht the addition of the ones listed above, it would make it a truely awesome product and we could use just one solution not 3.

Anyway that's my 20 cents [or insert local currency here] worth!


Documents TAB for Companies, Deals and Contacts, Ability to add documents easily from workgroups as attachments to Company, Contacts and Deals
It would be great if there was the ability to add documents for within the bitrix workgroup structure easily. Yes you can add a field to a company contact or deal, but it is cumbersome. It needs to be like adding an event or email in the tabs.  

Idea is to have all the documents that you need for a company, like NDA's agreements etc, was well as the same for deals.

Also when you create an event, it does not go into the activity thread, it goes to the history thread.  This is a bit annoying.

The disconnect between the CRM and the workgroup structure ( which I love) needs some works.
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