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Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?

I too just read through this post for a drag-drop task organization feature ... this has been ongoing since 2012?!  

We were previously on Wrike for Project/Task management.  Our company is trying to choose between Bitrix or Zoho.  I definitely think this should be considered an essential feature for task management.  

Is there an update on this topic?  What time-line for having this as a viable feature can we expect?
Bullet Points, How to make indented bullet points
That's unfortunate.  

Thank you for the reply Yana.
Bullet Points, How to make indented bullet points
How do I get bullet points to indent?  
Example:       [LIST]
[*]• Bullet Point
[*] o Sub Bullet Point
[/LIST]Normally, when making a Bullet point, with a sub bullet point, I just hit the "tab" button; but when doing that on Bitrix24 it takes me to a new section.

Is there an "undo" button?
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