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Custom View Issues, CRM Section - Company and Contact, Custom View in Edit Mode not showing for users.
So, you can add this in to the votes of "we need this feature"... although I would think that the 3,000+ views of just THIS thread would add credence to that idea... but if you need further convincing, allow me to apply some logic to the whole thing:

If I am an administrator of a company and I find it to be really important that I have the ability to add custom fields ( which I believe a number of your users do!) it would also stand to reason that those administrators would want to put those custom fields in a specific place company wide.  I didn't realized until I was WELL into the process that the changes I was making only applied to ME and that every other person in my company will have add fields that are completely disorganized.

I really really suggest this become a very high priority, because we are seriously contemplating moving on from Bitrix if this issue cannot be resolved by the time we launch later this year.  
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