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Product View in Leads, Deals, Quotes, Invoices
1) Is there any way to customize the product view at bottom in Leads, Deals, Quotes and Invoices?
I could add custom fields to product catalog but I couldn't see in these views.

2) "Detailed Description" is a default field in product catalog, but it is not searchable. Are there any fix to that? I actually use this field to type simple description because I have had to use "Name" (searchable) to type Part_No, as there is no default field available to this important characteristic of products.

Best regards,
Missing voice/video call function in web and desktop app
Hi Yassin, same problem for me.
Any news? Did you fix this issue?
Thank you!
ERROR - We have this error, please help us !!! We can´t access to Bitrix Instance El script ha detectado un error y se Cancelará. Para ver los mensajes de error extendidos, activar esta función en .settings.php., What can i do ??? Please help me !
Hola Cristian, pudiste resolver este problema? Estoy pasando por la misma situación intentando instalar el Virtual Appliance en Hyper V.
About Security Model, CRM security model
Yes, I'm talking about CRM Contacts.
Could you briefly help me? I don't have partners in my country and I'm doing a factibility test only.
If the factibility test is successful I would be contacting a partner in another country.

Thank you
About Security Model, CRM security model
I'm analyzing Bitrix24 for use in pharma industry.
Could I grant security permissions to support the attached model?
In this case we have a sales force with supervisor and reps who visit physicians.
One physician can be "seen" by 1 or more reps.
Supervisors need to see your reps and contacts, and ocassionaly your own contacts.

Is this model supported by bitrix24 security model?

Thank you
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