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Real Task Templates, Basic Tools for PM Missing
The ability to not duplicate a set of tasks or sub-tasks is a major piece missing from this software.  It's the one basic tool in PM that exists in just about every other platform on the market.  I can't believe it's not even on the road map or a priority [as mentioned in comments in the forum].

At the bare minimum there should at least be the ability to import a list of tasks/sub-tasks from an excel or csv file.  Surely, that can't be difficult to implement with everything else this software is capable of doing.
How are larger companies handling migrating of projects to Bitrix, Is there a way ?
We have double digit projects that are already scoped, approved and in-process.  I would be interested in learning how companies with a large number of projects migrated their existing tasks and deliverable schedules from systems such as MS Project or competing web based tools into the Bitrix24 platform ?  It seems like this platform is great for beginning companies but is missing some necessary tools to make transitioning easier for PM users who work from other software and are looking for a change.
Drag & Drop Tasks, Feature coming soon ?

I've noticed you can drag and drop a lot of things in Bitrix24 relating to the "company settings" but there is no feature like this for the most important area of project management which is the task / milestones area.  It appears you have to make several 'clicks' to move tasks in and out of their respective categories as project requirements change.  

Am i missing a setting for this "ease-of-use" feature or is this option a planned enhancement in the Bitrix 24 roadmap?  

Budget Tracking for Projects, How to track budgeting for projects

New to Bitrix and so far extremely impressed.  Is there any way to track budgeting (Fixed Cost, Flat Fee) for a project and then see those resources spent against an active project?  This seems to be about the only feature missing that I've been trying to find.

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