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How to use webhook to add lead in my bitrix, can't input data using the webhook
I'm having the same issue. According to [URL=][/URL]
the field values are
fields:                {
                   "TITLE": "FatJoint LLC",
                   "NAME": "Paul",
                   "SECOND_NAME": "A.",
                   "LAST_NAME": "Nibot",
                   "STATUS_ID": "NEW",
                   "OPENED": "Y",
                   "ASSIGNED_BY_ID": 1,
                   "CURRENCY_ID": "USD",
                   "OPPORTUNITY": 12500,
                   "PHONE": [ { "VALUE": "555888", "VALUE_TYPE": "WORK" } ]
Where TITLE is the required field presumably the Lead name. But using TITLE still gives the same error even when using the key and values from the example above

i.e {"error":"","error_description":"The required field \u0027Lead name\u0027 is missing.\u003Cbr \/\u003E"}
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