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Archiving Workgroups, Archiving Workgroups
Hi Yana, how does the archiving affects the Storage Quota we have in Bitrix24 Cloud? When I archive a Workgroup, the Drive files and its weight still counts towards the Storage Limits right? Please clarify. Thanks in advance. Otto.
Helpdesk module
Hi Yana,

I got to this thread and I have the same issue as indicated by other Bitrix24 raving fans above. I come from using Kayako for helpdesk, no big operation, perhaps 300-400 tickets per day. Most of the tickets are from Clients, the company I am trying to help is a manufacturer of lightning products that sells through distributors, so most of what comes into the Helpdesk are personnel from the different Distributors (Clients) that are either requesting a quote, the dispatch of a Technician for installation support or requesting the initiation of a 'lead' for a construction project of someone who came into their shop. The end consumer rarely contacts them, mostly the distributors who are companies like hardware stores, Home Depot type of companies or lightning products resellers.

That being said, and instead of asking for the module, I would like to ask how could I manage that with Bitrix24 Professional on Cloud? Considering I have over 25 agents in 3 departments that attend different geographies, but under the same model, Could this be managed through the CRM? Or is there a small external helpdesk / case management software that could integrate in the  so that the users (the agents) never leave the Bitrix24 environment. I am thinking in an embedded site within Bitrix.

It's the best solution I can think of.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards from Latin America.

Otto Acuña
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