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Tasks: Support Agile, Kanban; improve ease of use i.e. Drag & Drop
+1 for Kanban tasks
Ability to add badges to completed tasks
I have a system where I tabulate the amount and type of badges my team gets then converts them into monetary bonuses. Its presently very hard to do that with Bitrix present badge system. What will make it work even better is if your add the ability to also award badges to individual tasks. And then have a system that the admin can tabulate those badges according to each team member. The admin can now have an easy way to review each badge and specifically for what tasks were they awarded for. The admin can do what he wish with that info but for me I would use it as I said earlier to award monetary bonuses based on them.
Time Tracker with screenshot and keyboard/mouse activity
I would love to see the time tracker have the functionality of screenshotting the user/employee computer screen for proof of work. Or tracking keyboard and mouse activity. This would greatly improve its usefulness I think.
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