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Custom Field Bulk Update, Bulk Update
[QUOTE]Ken Golisch wrote:
@Bitrix:  All we would need is the option  to upload field content to existing records . Why is that so difficult to implement? Download records, change field content that need to be changed and upload the changes. All done in CSV with UTF8.
Hi Ken,
Your solution is doable.
Filter the CRM data which needs to be updated. Export this data to a csv-file. Open the csv-file and edit (or add) the data. Import the CSV-file and choose in the 3rd import step 'Duplicate Control' for the 'Replace' option.

Where can i find Contact adress data?
When doing a global search on Hayden I do get the following result:

[URL=][COLOR=#2067b0] [/COLOR]Contact: Peter Ha[/URL]yden
Peter Hayden Comment: Aanbrengfee Contact Type: Cursisten Source: LalaLand Company: Solutions bv Address: De Wering 191, 1812 VQ,  Oosteinde E-mail: [][/URL]

This customer is someone I entered today by uploading a custom csv-file to the CRM Contacts database.
The address info went into field 'Address'. The CRM has registered this address data, as can be seen with search-result above.

Now the problem: I can't find and edit this address data anywhere. When I watch this contact, i got no idea where to find this address data (not in contact record, and not in Contact Details tab at bottom of contact record)

Please, help me find and edit this address data. In a CRM I should be able to view and edit the address data of a customer or company, no?

Customising invoice templates, Trying to customise invoice templates and struggling
Hi Yana,

Any update on the ETA of the feature to customize the Invoice Template?
Converting Lead data to Company entry
When creating a lead I would love to be able to add more info about the company than only the Company Name and the position the lead holds there. This is of course possible by adding custom fields to the Lead. But when converting this lead to a company, this information isn't entered into the Company entry.

Is it possible to have more data than the only Company Name automatically taken to the Company entry.
Or, add a Company Information section to the Lead entry?
How to add Industry Selection List to Contact Data
Wow, even better.
When you add it to the Lead-form, within the Contact info section, and when you have a lead and you want to turn this lead into a contact, Bitrix automatically detects that contacts doesn't have a Industry-field yet and proposes to autocreate it. Just click yes...
Lead Classification
Seems we had the same question around the same time. Here is the answer:

How to add Industry Selection List to Contact Data
Ah, found it.

CRM>Settings>Form and Report Settings>Add Field
Choose the Form you wanna add Industry-selection to, in my case Contact:Add Field
Type -> Bind to CRM Selection List -> Industry

And there you go.
How to add Industry Selection List to Contact Data
When adding a company, one of the field options is a pre-populated list called Industry. This list is adjustable in the CRM>Settings>Statuses and Dropdowns page.
Is there a way to have this list appear in the Contacts form too?
Because I have a lot of contacts who are freelancers working in a specific industry branche, but aren't registered as a company.
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