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Deleting accidental accounts/instances
I will forward him the information, thank you!
Deleting accidental accounts/instances

I've been trying to google a solution to my problem for a few days now so I apologize if this was addressed elsewhere/asked many times, but I couldn't find an answer.

While trying to learn how to get around the site, my boss has accidentally opened 7+ different charts/accounts on his single account do to clicking the "start free" button over and over instead of just selecting the proper account already open. I suggested he just ignore the extra ones and rename the one he wants to use, but he'd rather delete all but the one he's actively using. Being not that tech oriented they confuse him too much.

I know that on the free version you can't delete your account and have to just wait for it to be deleted do to inactivity, but in cases where one account has a few charts/instances is there a way to delete extra ones?
And if not, will they get auto-deleted after 40-50 days as long as no one logs into them, or will the fact that he's using one out of the 7 charts keep them all around?

Thank you in advance for your help :)
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