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Checking Voicemails + SIP, How can voicemails be checked from a SIP phone?
+1 this also.

There needs to be an email sent to my agents, who are on the road 24/7, when they miss a call. Even putting that there is a voicemail left in that email would help.

There needs to be some notification to the email about an incoming call missed.
Google Voice with Bitrix rented number
This is a Google Voice issue. They do not support business use or forwarding a number to a PBX system, which bitrix might be using.

Going to have to find another forwarding solution.
Google Voice with Bitrix rented number
Did more testing on this, and the results are ALL over the place.

Bitrix system will work correctly 1 out of 10-12 calls. Sometimes the greeting is played after a few rings, sometimes it will ring and ring and kick off the desktop client only ringing for a half of a second.

But that 1 out of 10 when the greeting is played the system works amazing. The other times it doesn't work correctly at all.

Call 1 - phone rings 4-5 times, bitrix client rings for half a second and hangs up, Google Voicemail picks up.
Call 2 - phone rings once, bitrix greeting plays, then client rings, if no answer bitrix voicemail picks up. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.
Call 3-10 phone rings 4-5 times, bitrix client rings for half a second and hangs up, Google Voicemail picks up.

Something isn't working correctly.
Google Voice with Bitrix rented number
We have our business line on Google voice. We have added the number we are renting from Bitrix as the number Google voice forwards the call to. Here are the issues I keep seeing and would like to clear up.

If you have the greeting turned on, the number will ring for 20 seconds then Bitrix finally will ring. Bitrix will only ring for half a ring then automatically hangs up and the Google voice voicemail picks up. (Not wanted)

If you disable the greeting in Bitrix then call the Google voice number, Bitrix will ring instantly and continue to do so ignoring the group setting for number of rings until 10-12 rings then sometimes Google voice voicemail picks up and sometimes Bitrix voicemail picks up. (Not reliable)

What we need is the Google voice number to call Bitrix number, play the greeting and let Bitrix handle voicemail, never handing it back to Google voice.

any suggestions?
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