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It's beauty, it's free. But..
Yana Prokopets wrote:

As for the tasks - please make sure you have not enable "Hide tasks" mode in Activity Stream (click All events). If you'd liek to receive group updates in your messenger please open the workgroup & turn on notifications (between All events & Actions).

Regarding MX records configuration - please await a reply from our Helpdesk team.

Alternatively, you contact your local Bitrix24 reseller in Brazil for assistance:

       Company Name: RAD Solucoes    Services: Bitrix24 Cloud & Self-Hosted Versions    Location: Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil    Phone: (51) 3377-4691    Website:      Best,   Yana.
In the second image of the post you can see the option cleared. It would just have looked. Group notifications are active.

"Support" reported that it is normal, that it does not appear even in the stream, only after user interaction in the task. Which is not right, but it is a horrible limitation of the system. Whoever is in the group, would have to see the tasks in stream...

As for the local reseller, he offered me support for R$450.00 equivalent to about 150 dollars a month. An absurdity, considering a system that does not meet me and that has basic flaws.

The idea is very good, on paper. In practice, not so much.

Thank you anyway.
It's beauty, it's free. But..
Does not work. At least for us!

We've been testing Bitrix for over 24 hours and we're really trying. But the system already showed us, in the free version that does not work. (for us)

We test the tasks ... We create a task within a workgroup. It does not appear to the other members of the group in the stream. And most of the time, they do not even appear to us that we create in our own stream within the group.

in workgroup stream

We tried to add our own domain to Bitrix emails, that's more than 24 hours.

All over the world we have our replicated domain ...

But, not in Bitrix..
24h my business mail stopped because this

Other bugs.. Chat not appears message for me to my clients,
First page Chat  not translated...

Support.... 24h wating 1 simple response and..

Yes, the answer came .... Asking another question for me, a pointless question. More than 12 hours ago ..

We will wait for the stipulated 36h support period and we will report here and elsewhere our opinion, which unfortunately has not been very good regarding the system.

Sorry for my English.
Workgroups Activity Stream not showing tasks / task changes
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Scott,

We do not observe such problems with tasks statuses & comments updates - they appear for all group members & "in time". What I can advise you to do is check the group settings>tasks>permissions to view tasks.


Same you need to check for Conversations (that is the Activity Stream section settings)  - especially "view comments"=all group members

In case the above mentioned won't help - please submit a ticket to our Help desk with the group settings screenshot (tasks & conversations parts) & group activity stream screenshot (more details will be helpful).

In  [URL=]Bitrix24 self-hosted version[/URL] group layout can be changed. In case you may be interested in the self-hosted version - you can [URL=]download free 30 days trial for test & evaluation here.[/URL]
[QUOTE] slightly different settings options that I don't seem to have [/QUOTE]
if you have any other specific questions on options you can't find - feel free to ask.

Kind Regards,

Sorry.. year 2017 and this not work for me too!!

I create a task in group...

But, this task not appear in group stream...


Just show in ...


Very hard process to view tasks in group. any information added in task not show in geral stream too.
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