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Importing Google Calendars into Bitrix Calendars., I'm having a hard time importing Google Calendars into Bitrix Calendars.
[SIZE=12pt]Hi to all,[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]I think I have the solution: sync google <--> bitrix24 doesn't work cause the security policy of Google.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]The solution is:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- access into google account[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- activate the verification in two steps[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- create a specific app password in google account[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- login into the bitrix24 account[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- select the function calendar on the left[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- (don't use the google calendar connect button)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- click add/external calendar (calDav)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- enter [/SIZE][URL=][SIZE=12pt][/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=12pt] where [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]user name is the user google email[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- enter the app password create before in your google account[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]- confirm
[/SIZE]- [SIZE=12pt]enjoy!!![/SIZE]
[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Well, I win [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]a gift? ;) ;) ;)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Simona [/SIZE]
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