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I intend to buy Bitrix2, I have a few questions.
Hello, I intend to buy Bitrix24 Self Hosted Enterprise (50 employees) but before I have a few questions :

1) If I buy Bitrix24 (self hosted), will a French translation be provided? (as a demo)

2) Is this normal on the demo version of Bitrix24 (self-hosted CentOS), it is not possible to translate everything in French? If yes, why?

3) I'm a developer, will I have the ability to code extra features?

4) If my business grows and I want to upgrade to 500 employees, will I lose my changes (PHP) and data?

5) Am I entitled to a retraction (less than 15 days) ?

Bitrix24 self-hosted - 404 Not Found

I installed Bitrix24 on a debian 8 (Jessie) by installing all the requested packages.
Conclusion: Installation done successfully, everything seems to work well.

But I have a problem because on 50% of pages the path to the page is not found (404 Not Found)

For example, if i click on :
I have a page :

Thank you for your help :)
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