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Country Code Requirement, Simple fix for this problem
We just started using Bitrix yesterday and think it's a great product so far; however, we rented a phone line and integrated the Live Chat Open Channel with our website. It works well, but there is one problem: for the call back option the user is forced to enter their country code before the number. In Canada and the US, this isn't a common practice, and in order for us to call them back using the rented number, we have to go into the CRM, and edit the lead to insert the country code. This is time consuming, and inconvenient for both the sales rep and the potential customer. Further, we are apparently unable to edit the form to tell the user that they need to input their country code.

A simple solution to this would be to have a dropdown country code menu beside the phone number which defaults to the Bitrix owner's country and automatically applies the code to the number... or at least have the ability to edit the form to let the client know that they must enter that code.

Perhaps I am missing something, being a new user. Is there another way to accomplish this?
Edited: B24_12886787 - 05/25/2017 19:35:18
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