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Do you all have any partner solutions that you could direct me to?
Is there any way to measure the usage/activity rate in the extranet as you can do with the intranet using the company pulse? We have users using the extranet, and we would like to measure their usage.
Business Process
In business processes how can we set it to assign task to other users who are not admin users? Also if a user that doesn't have admin permissions clicks on "Go To Document" to view the document they're not allowed to because they don't have the permissions to view the lists module, so how can I allow them to view the document they need to read or approve without giving them admin rights or without manually sharing the document with them?
I think it would be a good idea to be able to have wiki pages per user. So each person in my intranet could have their own wiki page, and it would be on the right side of the intranet so they could quickly access these links from anywhere. I think this would be a vital addition to the workgroups as well being able to jump to links quickly from a workgroup.
Activity Stream & group Stream: show only titles of topics
I think this is a really good idea, and agree with the original poster. Having the ability to collapse conversations in the activity stream is vital.
Lists, Access
What do I need to do to grant myself or others access to the three tabs that are locked in the screenshot below?

External Sites
In the external sites, I see that you can add different sites to browse while being on Bitrix. If I add a site to the external sites does it add it to everybody in the intranet, or will it just add it to my external sites?
External Sites
Does external sites have the ability to be customized per user?
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