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Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance, Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance
I also see this as a need.
Custom Fields in reports
Thanks for your reply. That's very limiting. I see that Bitrix24 has many functions. May be too many and each of them has a lot of limitations preventing this platform to becoming the leader.
Business tools
I understand that different plans will allow different number of Business Tool Users. May I know what are the business tools you are talking about?
Push notifications for reminders
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Samm,

When you add new tasks you have "set reminder" option - this reminder can be sent either via messenger or email. Mobile app push notification can be configured in notification settings & should work in case you're not active in web version of your account (in case you use messenger notification type).


Hi Yana,
Are reminders visible to everyone? My colleague assigned me a task and set a reminder for me. However, I am able to see the reminder in the task. Also, after I have set a reminder to this task, the creator also cannot see this reminder. Is this normal or is it a bug?

It would be great if reminders can be set by default, not manually.
Custom Fields in reports
Task Visibility
We have the same need for people to see all tasks. We ended up adding everyone in a workgroup and assigning all task to this workgroup. With that done, everyone can see the tasks inside the workgroup.
Custom Fields in reports
Is there anyway to include custom fields as criteria in reports? If that cannot be done, there is not much point having custom fields.
Full version free trial
Hi, we are evaluating Bitrix24 as a task management system for our company. Is there any way to have a trial on the non-free functions? For example, custom field and workflow automation? Thanks.
Custom fields in Tasks
Hi, would you please confirm whether custom fields are available in the Onsite Hosting version of Bitrix24? It is not listed as a feature in the Pricing page. Thanks.
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