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More than 2 decimal places ?, It is a huge problem !
Hi guys,

Bitrix24 is an amazing platform and we are planing to purchase one of your plans or self hosted one.

In the mean time we are trying the demo version and our company buys and sells lots of medicine which are priced based on 1 tablet, 1 injection, 1 capsule etc. and as you can imagine sometimes single tablet price can be something like 0.005467 USD but it rounds it up and messes up with the price so badly that when the purchase order comes with 5000 or 6000 in quantity that there is no way we can use bitrix24 platform.

I see a lot of people are asking about this problem and there is no fix yet. Similar platforms are giving user an option to choose how many decimal points they can use and it seems so simple yet problem is not fixed yet.

Can you please give us an update on this issue ? is there any future update includes this problem's solution ?

It is going to determine our decision on buying Bitrix24 or not.

King Regards.  
Edited: Burak Dogukan - 06/08/2017 15:35:17
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are already using Bitrix24